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musikcube 0.61.0
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  • added chiptunes support via Game_Music_Emu! supported formats include: vgm, gym, spc, sap, nsfe, nsf, ay, gbs, hes, and kss
  • added macmediakeys plugin; macOS users can play/pause/resume/skip tracks using the media keys on the keyboard.
  • fixed a couple minor bugs related to “add to playlist” context menu actions.
  • substantially improved metadata indexing performance for large collections
  • ensure all utf8 strings are sanitized immediately before inserting them into the database. this wasn’t being done properly before, and could lead to weird crashes when trying to display metadata with invalid strings.
  • added the ability to disable album artist -> artist metadata fallback. set DisableAlbumArtistFallback to false in ~/.settings.json (the-eater)
  • many additional small indexer bug fixes.


  • added the concept of “infinite” streams


  • IIndexerSource::Scan() now receives a list of source paths.
  • added IIndexerSource::NeedsTrackScan(). implementations may override this and return false to provide a hint to the indexer engine that the plugin does not need to receive a callback to update each individual track.
  • added IIndexerWriter::CommitProgress(). by default the indexer creates and commits a single transaction per source; plugins can manually commit incremental progress using this method.
  • added IIndexerWriter::GetLastModifiedTime() so plugins can query the last modified date for a track by externalId.
18 months ago