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musikcube 0.60.0
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  • added an equalizer! press ctrl+e to activate and configure.
  • removed most default decoder plugins and replaced them with one powered by ffmpeg. this adds support for opus, wavpack, musepack and windows media audio files.
  • added a new enable transparency support in settings that can be enabled by users who have a terminal with a transparent/translucent background.
  • added the ability to customize the key used to quit the app. it is currently not exposed in the ui, but it can be changed by editing ~/.musikcube/settings.json and updating the AppQuitKey.
  • scrapped and re-implemented the debug log viewer, accessible via ctrl+`
  • added feodra 29 support. (dvdmuckle)
  • added ubuntu cosmic support.
  • fixed configuration script bugs that were causing breakage in FreeBSD
  • improved indexer speed by not re-extracting album art if it has already been extracted for the album the track belongs to.
  • migrated to non-bundled taglib for macOS and most Linux distributions
  • fixed a ton of minor ui bugs.
  • updated win32 dependencies: libressl, libcurl, libboost, and pdcurses.


  • added support for native flac playback! (gsora)
  • added the ability to change equalizer settings on the server from the remote management screen.
  • added the ability to specify title ellipsis mode (beginning/middle/end).
  • updated to compile against the latest tooling and dependencies.


  • added get_equalizer_settings and set_equalizer_settings.


  • added a new IDebug interface plugins can request via SetDebug to write log information to the standard location, just like the rest of the app.
  • added ITagStore::ContainsThumbnail().

note to mac users: the binary files provided here do not include the ffmpeg decoder because it makes the distribution too large. instead, the legacy decoders are used. we recommend installing via brew anyway, which will use ffmpeg.

18 months ago