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musikcube 0.51.0
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  • added a new “gruvbox” theme (
  • added the ability to graphically configure plugin properties via new SDK ISchema interface.
  • added the ability to right click entries to display their context menu
  • updated the Russian translation (adem4ik)
  • fixed a bug where shutdown may be delayed while the indexer is running
  • fixed a couple strings that were not properly localized
  • fixed a bug that could cause overlays to not always properly disappear
  • fixed a bug in the win32 milkdrop distribution where the preferred default font wasn’t getting included


  • updated to compile against Android Studio 3.1.4


  • fixed a crash while querying play queue tracks that have been removed from the library.


  • added the ability for plugins to provide configuration schemas that can be configured by the user in the gui. see sdk/ISchema.h
22 months ago