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musikcube 0.50.0
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musikcube :

  • added scrobbling support (settings >
  • added a built-in hotkey viewer and editor (settings > key bindings)
  • added basic mouse handling support – click / double click / mouse wheel works mostly the way you’d expect… but it’s laggy because it’s curses.
  • added an Italian translation (anonik9900)
  • added a Russian translation (adem4ik)
  • added “proportional seek” functionality (benterris)
  • fixed a bug where the “Source Code Pro” font was not being included in the win32 build with milkdrop.
  • added support for Ubuntu Bionic
  • added support for Fedora 28
  • added windows theme support so the menu bar draws nicer
  • updated PDCurses (windows build)
  • retired binary distribution for Raspbian Jessie (Stretch still supported!)


  • fixed a handful of random crashes that showed up in


  • fixed a bug where the same playback overview may be broadcast multiple times.
  • fixed a bug where set_volume was not returning a response
  • fixed a couple bugs where negative limits may be returned


  • added a simple HttpClient wrapper around libcurl that can be used by plugins
2 years ago