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musikcube 0.42.0
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important: if you use musikdroid, make sure you update it alongside musikcube!


  • added the ability to browse by directory! add music directories to the list of indexed paths in the settings screen, then press d in browse view to browse.
  • added a new setting to save session on exit. when enabled, musikcube will remember the last selected view and the current playback context, and restore everything on next app start.
  • better first-run experience for new Windows users:
    • included “Source Code Pro Medium” font, and use it by default.
    • updated the default font size to be a bit larger.
    • hid the main menu bar with “Font” and “Paste” buttons; this functionality is still available by clicking the musikcube icon in the upper left portion of the window.
  • added scrollbar support to ListOverlay

musikdroid 0.25.0:

  • added the ability to automatically transfer playback from mobile to server when headset (or bluetooth device) is disconnected.

musikdroid 0.26.0:

  • fixed some crashes on Oreo devices related to streaming audio

musikdroid 0.27.0:

  • fixed a bug where the notification may spuriously re-appear after playback has finished (or was stopped)
2 years ago