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musikcube 0.35.0
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  • automated Linux builds via CircleCI! (@dvdmuckle)


  • added ReplayGain support. settings > preamp and replaygain to configure. when support is active, and ReplayGain is applied, a green [rg] symbol will appear in the transport view next to the volume slider.
  • added initial support for FreeBSD using sndio. big thanks to @gregf for the support and troubleshooting.
  • added scroll indicators to list windows (disabled on FreeBSD for now)
  • exposed extended metadata – browse by new fields like year, composer, language, etc. press 6 in library > browse view.
  • fixed a couple bugs in the metadata indexer – extended metadata properties were not always getting scanned and stored properly.
  • fixed build paths so app can be built against MacPorts. (@reynhout)
  • fixed a bug where themes were getting clobbered after every reinstall on some platforms. users can now put their custom themes in ~/.musikcube/themes.
  • made overlay title text alignment consistent across (center horizontal).


  • database and query updates to support track, category, and album queries with multiple predicates. (e.g. all artists with composer=X AND year=Y).
  • new sndio output plugin. this is the default output for FreeBSD, and is optional (disabled by default) on Linux.
  • new ffmpeg_decoder plugin. not enabled by default, but will probably eventually replace nomad, ogg, mp4, and flac plugins.


  • api support for multi-predicate queries.


  • fixed bug where non-transcoded audio would not always play properly.
2 years ago