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musikcube 0.22.0
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  • fixed compile issues and startup crashes on Fedora, ArchLinux and openSUSE
  • fixed a bug where playback speed may be incorrect for audio files that do not have exactly two channels.
  • fixed a crash that could occur in the WASAPI output plugin for audio streams with very low sampling rates
  • fixed crash when parsing “TCOP” id3v2 tag (ilitirit-za)
  • fixed double-wide character truncation and ellipsizing (stephanwilliams)
  • added a new setting to disable startup update checks
  • sync’d PDCurses with the upstream repo


  • fixed a couple (relatively obscure) crashes
  • updated build environment to Android Studio Canary 8 with Support Libraries 26.0.0 (final)


  • fixed the way we define C++ flags in CMakeLists.txt so it works across more platforms, e.g. FreeBSD (geier)
  • fixed GetApplicationDirectory() null termination error (mkilgore)
  • updated the way we calculate audio buffer sizes and counts to ensure there is always enough headroom for audio with very low sampling rates
  • updated the mpg123 decoder so it compiles and runs again against the latest version of the library and musikcube sdk.
2 years ago