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musikbox 0.16.0
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this release focuses on updates to the musikdroid android client, and low-level fixes in the websocket_remote plugin.


  • added a toggle in the musikdroid toolbar for quickly switching between remote and streaming playback modes
  • removed volume and seek buttons; replaced with a seekbar, current and total time indicators.
  • revamped loading indicators to be less jarring
  • lots of small musikdroid bug enhancements


  • integrated with a customized version of the AndroidVideoCache library to (hopefully) improve caching reliability.
  • improved battery usage in musikdroid’s SystemService
  • fixed bug where websocket_remote was not letting clients know when seeking has occurred.
  • deliberately under-estimate calculated Content-Length header when doing on-demand transcoding. http clients seem to be more ok with this, as compared to over-estimating.
  • fixed a bug where websocket_remote audio server would incorrectly return a 216 status instead of a 200, confusing clients
  • fixed a bug in websocket_remote audio server where invalid byte range requests could cause weird responses with invalid content lengths.
3 years ago