github clangen/musikcube 0.15.0
musikbox 0.15.0
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  • added server settings configuration panel to the settings screen
  • added minimize to tray and start minimized options to the windows build
  • a handful of small musikdroid bug fixes, mostly related to audio focus and ducking.
  • documented the websocket_remote api on the wiki


  • added authentication support to the the websocket_remote audio server
  • found and fixed a handful of missing websocket_remote metadata responses
  • added the ability to hot-reload plugins
  • modified IPlugin – every plugin must now supply a unique guid
  • fixed a bug in Transcoder if the number of cache files was set to 0
  • fixed a number of bugs that could result in undefined behavior or crashes if views are drawn outside of their parents (or screen) bounds
  • fixed a bug where input fields may stop drawing properly if the value entered by the user exceeds the window bounds

also: published some api documentation here. developers can use this to build their own frontends in their language/runtime of choice!

3 years ago