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musikbox 0.14.0
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warning: updating to this version may erase your playlists, if you somehow managed to figure out how to create them with the current user interface. code changes in this release ensure this will not happen again.


  • musikdroid:
    • ensure playback is paused when headphones are disconnected
    • double tap headset button to go to next track
    • triple tap headset button to go to prev track
    • added album art to lock screen controls
    • added the ability to control streaming disk cache size
    • added support for ducking (lowering the volume for notifications, driving directions, etc).
    • fixed bugs related to transient focus loss (e.g. making sure to pause playback for phone calls, and resume playback after the call has completed)
  • websocket_remote:
    • added Cache-Control headers to responses
  • musikcube:
    • found a really bad bug in the way we handle tracks in playlists. the fix requires a rebuild of the tracks metadata, which will clear playlists, but ensures this will never happen again in the future.


  • cleaned up more SDK interfaces, removed support for uint64 and uint32 types,
    only support int64 and int32.
  • fixed bugs in playlist track handling; playlist contents can now survive track
    table rebuilds!
3 years ago