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musikbox 0.12.0
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  • fixed bug where sync on startup was not working properly
  • fixed musikdroid bug where ui may get drawn in a weird state if the playing track has an empty album name.
  • fixed a bug in CddaIndexerSource that may cause tracks to linger in the library longer than they should if the drive letter changed.
  • added an http server to the websocket_remote plugin to serve audio data. this completes most work required to support external, thin clients. metadata can be queried via websocket, audio streamed over http. powered by libmicrohttpd.


  • added HttpDataStream! finally! uses libcurl and libressl. audio data can now be played over http/https!
  • performance optimizations to metadata indexing – drop indexes before a full resync, then re-add them after.
  • playlist tracks are now stored by external ids! this means tracks added from third party indexer sources can be added to playlists and persisted across rescans.
  • IIndexerSources can be interrupted, and failed sources can have their changes rolled back.
  • upgraded to Windows 10 SDK and VS141 tooling
3 years ago