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musikbox 0.11.0
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  • added a new cd playback plugin based on new infrastructure. audio cds will be detected and added to the library as [audio cd] and can be played like any other tracks. (note: win32 only for now)
  • added the ability to toggle between seek and scrub playback modes
  • fixed a couple localized strings
  • fixed a bug that could cause the currently selected item in the play queue
    to jump around or be incorrect.


  • added IIndexerSource interface: plugins will be able to implement this interface to add tracks to the library that will be indexed and maintained like all other tracks
  • added IIndexerWriter interface: IIndexerSource plugins will use this interface to add/remove/update track info with the main app
  • added IIndexerNotifier: interface used to notify the app that it needs to be re-indexed.
  • added source_id, external_id, and visible column to the tracks table, with appropriate indexes.
  • fixed a really old indexer bug where the reported number of file scanned was not accurate. Strange this wasn’t noticed before.
  • added SetIndexerNotifier injection method
  • fixed a bug in TrackMetadataQuery – it was unnecessarily relying upon the paths table, which was causing query errors when the table was empty.
  • use a cache for local file paths instead of requiring an async round trip when adding/removing
  • remove use of manual “ANALYZE”, it was causing strange performance degradation issues. Instead, move to a set of PRAGMAs that instructs sqlite to run these optimizations when necessary.
  • updated ::GetInt32 and ::GetUint32 return types to be explicit as to play more nicely with clang – may as well, we’re updating the SDK version anyway.
  • added a simple capabilities model to the playback infrastructure. This
    is used to detect whether or not streams can be prefetched. For example, CDDA cannot because of seek times while playing tracks.
3 years ago