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musikbox 0.10.1
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  • added the ability to select album name headers in track lists. doing so will bring up a context menu with the ability to jump to the album or enqueue the album’s tracks for playback. this also had a nice side effect of making scrolling more fluid!
  • added jumping to album/artist/genre to the selected track context menu
  • fixed a really old bug that could cause lists to automatically scroll to weird places if the window or view is resized
  • directory browser now remembers which directories were previously selected, making up navigation in the settings view smoother
  • added a “list_header_highlighted_background” and “list_header_highlighted_foreground” color theme variables
  • tweaked the win32 icon so it looks a bit better on the taskbar


  • added “broadcast” message support to IMessageQueue and implementers. allows for pub/sub like functionality
  • added some new SDK interface methods to ITrack and IMetadataMap for retrieving values other than strings (uint64, int64, uint32, int32, double)
  • added localization support for “dimensions”. this allows for per-locale sizing of ui components
  • fixed some old bugs in Window.cpp that could cause visibility changed notifications to be raised unnecessarily
  • added a custom PDCurses/win32a patch to further reduce CPU load and context switching while draining the message pump
3 years ago