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3.1.8 – 2020-01-22


  • Fixed release number and 15 is EOL
  • Fix issue that prevented new contacts from being saved
    #1416 (hanzi)
  • remove delete buttons and other actions if contact is not readable
    #1413 (myrho)
  • Only add sharee if not present already
    #1401 (raimund-schluessler)
  • Fix ‘duplicate types’ check for properties with a single type
    #1399 (hanzi)
  • Workaround for bug that prevented editing vCards with commas in the address
    #1394 (hanzi)
  • Use correct syntax for vCard version when saving
    #1393 (hanzi)
  • short company field only if empty
    #1412 (myrho)
6 months ago