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  • Use nextcloud locale settings to display dates
  • Faster loading and overall reactivity
  • Better import process
  • Show default set of fields on new contacts
  • Design enhancement
  • You can now delete contacts from the list
  • You can now download groups as vcf file
  • New contacts are not synced to the server until edited. No more empty contacts on your addressbooks!
  • Better compatibility with other vcard editors


  • #122, BDAY format in VCARD, missing “-”
  • #133, allow to enter and differentiate more than one mobile phone number, e.g for business and private use
  • #146, German Date Format
  • #200, Empty field property options missing
  • #270, FN field behaviour: first and last name
  • #488, Removing default name for new contact and leaving it blank
  • #253, Show fields for phone, email, address and groups by default for new contact
  • #259, Show fields for phone, email, address and groups by default
  • #293, Improve the sharing view of addressbooks
  • #337, “undefined” group is created
  • #361, Display Name is overwritten by First Name / Last Name changes.
  • #372, sorting order to ‘first name’ or ‘last name’ leads to strange behavior when scrolling to contacts
  • #379, “/” in a user group name doesn’t work
  • #394, optimize the shortening and alignment of field labels
  • #433, vCard import broken: window.localStorage is null
  • #468, SVG not encoded or rendered correctly
  • #520, please clarify which formats AND versions are supported
  • #545, Social Network types drop-down is missing “Mastodon”
  • #547, Company contact entries don’t display properly on load
  • #585, Click on a non existing contact results in a endless spinner
  • #592, Inconsistent use of username when sharing an address book

Beta Fixes

  • Translations
  • Design glitches
  • Enable/disable checks
  • Importing status
  • Copy to clipboard label shown
  • Compatibility with custom app directories
  • Multiselect fixes
  • Dependencies updates
  • Header icons fixes
  • Performances fixes
  • Sharing design
  • Avatar display and parsing

Beta Enhancements

  • Add more socials options
  • Add Sharing
  • Add External scheme handler
  • Select full-name on click on new contacts
  • Add header read-only icon and info
  • Add search
20 months ago