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  • Piggy banks can be divided over groups. Groups can be sorted on a separate page. This may prove to be useful to organize piggy banks. The feature will
    expand to other objects in the future.
  • Issue 3392 Notes will be included in the export.
  • Issue 3184 You can now use the REMOTE_USER field to authenticate. Read the documentation carefully.
  • Issue 3403 More triggers have been added that respond to the date of a transaction. Read the documentation
  • You can now add an attachments to recurring transactions.


  • Firefly III now requires PHP 7.4
  • The Docker image is running on port 8080
  • Firefly III has been upgraded to Laravel 7.
  • Issue 3455 Translations for the debug page.
  • Issue 3461 Inactive rules are no longer applied.


  • All import routines have been removed. Use the separate importers. Read the documentation.


  • Issue 3450 Missing translations.
  • Issue 3454 Fixed translations.
  • Issue 3437 Better “days left” counter.
  • Fixed bad UUID generation.
  • Fixed a null pointer in session date.


  • New API for object groups.
  • Expanded API for piggy banks to support object groups.

Known issues

  • You may run into date conversion problems if you’re living on the right side of GMT. If transactions appear a day early, let me know.
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