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  • Issue 3184 You can now use the REMOTE_USER field to authenticate. Read the documentation carefully.
  • Issue 3392 Notes will be included in the export.
  • Issue 3398 You can clear the cache directly from the admin.
  • Issue 3403 More triggers have been added that respond to the date of a transaction. Read the documentation
  • Piggy banks and bills can be divided over groups. Groups can be sorted on a separate page. This may prove to be useful to organize these objects. The feature
    will expand to even more objects in the future. Empty groups will be automatically deleted; you can only create groups by editing the objects.
  • You can now add attachments to recurring transactions.
  • You can invalidate other logins, check out the button on the /profile page.
  • It is now possible to search for internal_reference:abc and / or external_id:123.
  • The bill overview has some better sums on the bottom of the page.


  • Issue 3440 You can now sort rules more easily.
  • Issue 3455 There are new translations for the debug page.
  • Issue 3461 Inactive rules are no longer applied, even when you try to force them.
  • Issue 3469 Fix issue with round().
  • Firefly III now requires PHP 7.4. PHP7.4 specific features have been introduced to make sure you upgrade.
  • The Docker image is running on port 8080. Please update your configuration to reflect this.
  • Firefly III has been upgraded to Laravel 7.
  • From this release on, the Dockerfile and default configuration will install MySQL (using MariaDB) instead of PostgreSQL. This doesn’t influence existing
  • The example environment file has several fixes to make it more clear what features are for.
  • Sandstorm support is now entirely decrepated.
  • The max upload size is now larger. Although mostly enforced by your server, Firefly III used to have a very low upper limit.
  • The MAIL_DRIVER variable is now called MAIL_MAILER.


  • Issue 3517 The category no longer shows income because it skewed the chart and made it useless.
  • All import routines have been removed. Use the separate importers. Read the documentation.
  • No more locale settings if using Docker.


  • Issue 3450 Brought back missing translations.
  • Issue 3454 Fixed some translations.
  • Issue 3437 The “days left” counter now responds better.
  • Issue 3427 HTML included in error codes
  • Issue 3489 Several unescaped strings.
  • Issue 3490 Fix search issues when using special characters.
  • Issue 3488 Fix token text box.
  • Issue 3509 Tag view now handles future transactions better.
  • Issue 3513 Fix issue with charts on budget page.
  • Fixed a null pointer in session date.
  • Fixed bad UUID generation.
  • Internal consistency checks for transaction groups.
  • The bill date would some times report the future.


  • Issue 3493 Fix API issue when handling default currencies.
  • Issue 3506 Search transactions end point
  • New API for object groups.
  • Expanded API for piggy banks to support object groups.
  • Expanded API for bills to support object groups.

Known issues

  • You may run into date conversion problems if you’re living on the right side of GMT. If transactions appear a day early, let me know.

[5.2.8 (API 1.1.0)] - 2020-06-02


  • Issue 3443 Fixed issue with composer installation.
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