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  • Firefly III optional + opt-in telemetry can now be enabled, if you want to. Read more about it here.
  • Issue 3133 You can remove attachments before you create a transaction.
  • Issue 3395 Emails sent by Firefly III have been translated. See the note at the bottom. Thanks to @sephrat
  • Issue 3393 New SSL options for LDAP and MySQL. Thanks to @bpatath.
  • Issue 3413 Better string pluralization. Thanks to @sephrat
  • Issue 3297 Rule trigger for foreign currency ID


  • The default Docker Compose configuration and documentation switched from PostgreSQL to MariaDB. This will NOT affect existing installations unless you
    change your docker compose file.
  • Issue 3404 The profile page has been translated. See the note at the bottom. Thanks to @sephrat
  • Issue 3405 All error pages have been translated. See the note at the bottom. Thanks to @sephrat


  • Issue 3309 New budgets would create bad budget limits.
  • Issue 3390 Typos and minor text inconsistencies fixed by @sephrat
  • Issue 3407 issue 3408 The total transaction amount displayed is no longer empty for opening balances by @sephrat
  • Issue 3409 issue 3420 Double accounts no longer listed by @sephrat
  • Issue 3427 Add a time-out to version update check. More improvements are coming.
  • Issue 3419 Error fixed which would prevent you from adding money to a piggy bank, by @sephrat
  • Issue 3425 Budget amount had no validation.
  • Issue 3428 Reconciliation “select all”-button would miscalculate.
  • Issue 3415 New error views

A note about new translations: text you see in errors and emails may still be in English. This is not a bug. Translated text is sometimes generated outside of
what’s called the user’s “session”. When Firefly III operates outside of your session, it can’t access your preferences or your data. It doesn’t know what
language to pick. You can set the DEFAULT_LANGUAGE-environment variable. But user specific preferences may be ignored.

2 months ago