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LTS Release

This is the final (final) release of guiscrcpy v3.x series;
The current stack is

  • scrcpy v1.13
  • PyQt5 5.14
    These are expected to last for a couple of years without bugfixes.

The next release is a pre-release of PyQt5 5.15 and scrcpy 1.14 with qtpy multiplatform Qt gui support with dynamic licensing

Fixes after v3.9

  • #133
  • #142


  • [9eb3b5e]: Ignore Pipfile.lock (Srevin Saju)
  • [a98b6fb]: Announce to users the connection of a new device #142 (Srevin Saju)
  • [18172cf]: do not release continuous tag on tagged release’ (Srevin Saju)
  • [ea39134]: Remove creation of continuous tag on Release (Srevin Saju)
  • [969263c]: 🎉 Release 3.9.2 (Srevin Saju)
2 months ago