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Stratos 2.0.0 Beta 1
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This is the first Beta release of Version 2 of Stratos. This is a major release.

The main focus of this release is a new version of the front-end UI in Angular (Version 1 used AngularJS). The UI has undergone numerous updates and we have switched out our own UI component set in favour of Material Design.

Highlights of version 2:

  • Adoption of Angular in place of AngularJS
  • User of the Angular Material component library and an adoption of Material Design
  • Largely feature complete with version 1 (see below)
  • Improved Services support with Services and Marketplace now shown at the top-level of the UI
  • Improved UI throughout with card layouts used to improve readability
  • Added ability to re-deploy applications from GitHub
  • Improved Application UI - Instances and Routes information is now shown on separate tabs and the instances view has been improved

The following features in version 1 are not currently available in version 2:

  • i18n - V2 supports US English only. This will be addressed as soon as the Angular platform supports string translation outside of templates.
  • Extensions/Plugins - The ability to extend the UI at various points will be added in the next minor version.
  • Drag and Drop for Application Deployment - You can not drag and drop a file/folder or url onto the application deployment UI - you have to use the browse UI.
  • The Firehose log view does not support filtering by a string
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