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Full Changelog

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:


  • SSO_WHITELIST should be able to ignore path #4273
  • Improve view that shows details for a metrics endpoint #4271
  • Helm Chart: Add support for node selectors #4265
  • Add documentation for list’s ‘max’ feature, include info on ‘fetch all’ button #4259
  • Backup Endpoints & Tokens #4228


  • User profile is fetched on most page changes #4284
  • Services Marketplace: Create service icon is incorrectly aligned #4280
  • Deployment time does not show correctly in diagnostics when deployed with Helm 3 #4261
  • Pushing app from Stratos can sometimes fail due to expired token #4253
  • Helm: Chart fails to render if uaa section is missing, docs misleading #4248
  • Profile: Disabling polling fails to disable polling #4244
  • App Summary: Github tab: Row highlight of deployed commit is obscured #4243
  • Data Inaccuracies in PCF #4237
2 months ago