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Full Changelog

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:


  • Update Feature Flags with new entries #4188
  • Improve Application Deployment UI #4183
  • Scalability: Improve handling of ‘maxed’ lists #4180
  • Scalability: Add button to load maxed lists #4179
  • Scalability: Improve scaling of service instances #4162
  • Scalability: Improve scaling of users and organisations #4156
  • Local Admin User: Auto-login user if they have just set up account #4135
  • Add support for showing Gravatar for the user icon #4134
  • Disable Jetstream API logging via Env Var #4130
  • Improve UI element sizing and presentation on desktop #4129
  • Allow org managers to add users outside of org #4103
  • Allow Endpoint Name to be edited #3640


  • CF Quota’s Maximum Application Instance Memory Usage not formatted correctly #4206
  • Notification and error pages loop when using ‘X’ #4202
  • Cf app redeploy stepper starts with empty step, cannot continue #4185
  • Can’t push apps with multiple buildpacks #4181
  • Deleting a Service Instance or User Provided Service Instance breaks list #4157
  • Deleting an organisation with spaces fails #4155
  • App Deploy should accept manifest .YML or .YAML #4152
  • Only fetch first page of maxed lists #4138
  • ‘Register an endpoint’ arrow misaligned #3519
3 months ago