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Full Changelog

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements:


  • Ensure we remove X-Forward-* HTTP headers that can cause problems proxying API requests #3934
  • Ensure MB is only shown for memory based quota values in edit quota forms #3892
  • Ensure stepper buttons are always visible and content scrolls #3890
  • Fix autoscaler issue related to editing a newly created policy#3886
  • Fix alignment of user button on newer Firefox #3983
  • Fix self-signed certificate to support Mac OSX 10.15 #3982


  • Add ingress support to Helm Chart #3935
  • Gate SSO redirect on optional state whitelist #3933
  • Backend update for cacheing compatibility for HTTP 1.0 clients #3931
  • Add support for local user account #3632
  • Add support for viewing and editing profile for local user account #3883
  • Better metrics endpoint comparison #3862
  • Refinements to the Autoscaler UI #3817
9 months ago