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Full Changelog

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements. It introduces the first set of Extension points to allow
users to take Stratos and extend it with new functionality. Initial documentation is available here. Additionally, when a metrics endpoint is connected, Cloud Foundry cell information is now shown in the Application Instances tab. A Cloud Foundry cells table and Cell summary pages have also been added to the Cloud Foundry section.


  • Can’t create an org then space #3093
  • Fix issue where app status showed old info after successful deploy #3115
  • Use our fork of go-flags to avoid dependency problems #3145


  • Extenstions: Add initial extensions support #2962
  • When deleting certain entities force user to input name of entity #3118
  • Usability: Deletion of an app should not allow deletion of “shared” routes and services #3034
  • User menu improvements #3136
  • Delete App Stepper: Disable delete of routes and services that are bound to other app/s #3129
  • Metrics Charts: If only one series in chart don’t show legend #3124
  • Deploy Application: Ensure when leaving the stepper with a successfully deployed app the app state is correct #3021
  • Endpoints Table: For non-cf endpoints show - instead of \(x\) no #3123
  • Endpoints Table: Only show ‘Admin’ check icon for cf endpoints #3132
  • Ensure CF Cells info is shown for non cf admins #3121
  • Add helm chart labels #3110
  • Cf Cell: Applications list #3107
  • Make instance termination more resilient #3103
  • Remove rogue self dependency #3100
  • Metrics: Add CF Cells view #3099
  • Ensure we handle orgs with no users correctly #3098
  • Metrics: Add Prometheus Job Information #3082
  • Metrics: Add support for query_range #3081
  • Extensions: Add example of extension points #3048
19 months ago