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Stratos 2.0.0 Release Candidate 3
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Full Changelog

This is the third release candidate of Stratos V2. The main focus of this release are bug fixes.



  • Fix broken AOT with build optimizer #2703
  • App instance count sorting treats the numbers as strings #2698
  • No error is reported when an update of service instance fails #2696
  • Services Instances Wall says There are no services when no service instances exist #2692
  • Delete Application shows empty page #2682
  • Can not add an organisation #2676
  • Use subtle mode fo boolean indicator on CF Pages #2523
  • Navigating to a page that has a table that is on page 2 shows an empty list #2674
  • Can not collapse security group tag list when there are lots of them #2461
  • Fetching connected user roles for permissions only fetches first page #2655
  • CF Endpoint Selector takes a while to update after connect/disconnect #2643
  • Edit service instances sets plan to first in list, not the current plan. #2641
  • Routes not updated after umap #2640
  • Create org and space - create button is enabled when empty #2636
  • Edit Service Instance is broken #2626
  • Reloading Edit Service Instance page results in an exception #2625
  • Exception switching back to the Users tab after deleting a role #2623
  • Manage User Permission: Pills x button doesn’t update the UI #2617
  • Remove an org role via the role pill at space level shows deleting space message and navs to org spaces #2608
  • New spaces are missing from create app steps drop down #2592
  • Connected endpoints fail to update sessionData user #2590
  • Disconnecting an endpoint after visiting cf pages results in endpoint warning #2589
  • Exception thrown in service wall after disconnecting endpoint #2582
  • Error logged in backend when disconnecting an endpoint #2624
  • Performance: Pagination observable service #2556
  • Pagination request: Validation doesn’t insert correct value into store #2684
  • Fixed bad imports #2701
  • Fix routing to appropriate CF view after connecting/disconnecting an endpoint #2660
  • Update parent entities at validation time - the end of partial entities #2659
  • Restrict non-admin user functions at cf level #2654
  • Don’t validate individual org users requests #2651
  • Fix update of User roles table after a role has been removed #2630
  • Ensure we don’t recursively delete with the action is an update #2620
  • Fix three issues around 100+ roles #2613
  • Don’t copy auth and refresh tokens unless using SSO #2611
  • Fix timing issue resulting in an endpoint warning #2604
  • Fix Postgres to use same value as detected by VCAP_SERVICES #2600
  • Ensure auth data is updated on sys info call #2595
  • Pagination obs performance #2561
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