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Stratos 2.0.0 Release Candidate 2
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Full Changelog

This is the second release candidate of Stratos V2. The main focus of this release are bug fixes.


  • Use consistent icons #2517
  • Allow configuration of backend log level #2533


  • CF/Org/Space selector widget with 1 org and 1 space - user can not proceed #2467
  • Error after creating a service instance #2473
  • Visit App button never appears when a route is mapped/created #2518
  • Cannot create service instance from marketplace or service pages #2519
  • Upgrading from v1 to v2 via helm disconnects connected endpoints #2527
  • Failed to deploy app due to invalid client ID #2532
  • Exception thrown when creating space #2560
  • Helm deployment: Upgrade notice can appear for some time if db takes a while to become ready #2546
  • Fix assign role for non-admin connected user #2562
  • Fix client and client secret issues when pushing apps #2553
  • Fix Docker All-in-one image build #2552
  • Clean entity service #2551
  • Remove base git package to address CVE 2018-11235 #2530
  • Entity deletion: Remove child entities #2486
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