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Stratos 2.0.0 Beta 2
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This is the second Beta release of Version 2 of Stratos. This is a major release.

The main focus of this release are bug fixes and hardening for a first release candidate.



  • Error logged in console when reloading to app routes page #2493
  • Deal with non CF Jetstream failed requests #2497
  • Error after disconnecting an endpoint #2460
  • All endpoints are incorrectly shown to be in error state #2459
  • When one CF fails, we don’t show data for those that succeed. #2456
  • Exception on create space stepper when you cancel out #2454
  • Error when creating a Space with a space character in the name #2451
  • Fix backend error logging #2484, #2407, #2413
  • Fix for panic when res is not set in error logging #2441
  • Firefox rendering - focus border on drop-down menu items #2446
  • Users Permissions: Removing the last role (Org User) results in an exception #2438
  • Users Permissions: Assigning a role to a user that has none results in an exception #2428
  • Exception thrown when adding space to empty org #2418
  • Warn if cookie domain does not match Stratos URL #2414
  • Add commit SHA to version when built for Kubernetes/Docker Compose #2410
  • Ensure we only raise internal errors on fetch api requests #2494
  • Fix failure to update commit info on redeploy #2492
  • Fix issue timing issue resulting in invalid Space Service request #2489
  • Improved fix for exception on org screen after fresh load on create space #2487
  • Fix layout on summary pages #2482
  • Fix error shown when cancelling out of a freshly loaded create space stepper #2478
  • Users tables: Only show org/space name in pills when needed #2443
  • Fix issue where space count is wrong after deleting a space #2439
  • Update the connected user roles section of store on roles change #2435
  • Fix list state (deleting/etc) #2434
  • Fix exception when a space is added to an empty org #2433
  • Fix exception thrown when only assign an org user role #2430
  • Fix pagination of space level routes and service instance tables #2429
  • Disable removal of org user role if user has others #2427
  • Show an overlay and deleting message when deleting from a card or table action. #2415
  • Fix errors when multiple cf’s are connected as both admin and non-admin users #2409
  • Fix not detecting admin user is admin scope is not stratos.admin #2403
  • Table loading init #2412
  • Users Table: Restrict org/space roles and prefix space name with org… depending on depth #2402
  • CfOrgSpace Selector: Fix overzealous no orgs error message #2397
  • Org space list - Deleting causes exceptions in other parts of the org page. #2393
  • Fix infinite user list’s loading indicator when connected as user with no roles #2390
  • Fix TCP route creation and improve UI #2388
  • Add global deleting overlay for entity summary pages #2373
  • Fix various application deploy bugs #2372
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