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Full Changelog since 1.1.0

This is the second major release of Stratos.

The focus of this release is a new version of the front-end UI in Angular (Stratos version 1 used AngularJS). The UI has undergone numerous updates and we have switched out our own UI component set in favour of Material Design.

Highlights of version 2:

  • Adoption of Angular in place of AngularJS
  • User of the Angular Material component library and an adoption of Material Design
  • Largely feature complete with version 1 (see below)
  • Improved Services support with Services and Marketplace now shown at the top-level of the UI
  • Improved UI throughout with card layouts used to improve readability
  • Added ability to re-deploy applications from GitHub
  • Improved Application UI - Instances and Routes information is now shown on separate tabs and the instances view has been improved

The following features in version 1 are not currently available in version 2:

  • i18n - V2 supports US English only. This will be addressed as soon as the Angular platform supports string translation outside of templates.
  • Extensions/Plugins - The ability to extend the UI at various points will be added in the next minor version.
  • Drag and Drop for Application Deployment - You can not drag and drop a file/folder or url onto the application deployment UI - you have to use the browse UI.

This release contains all of the fixes and improvements from the 2.0.0 Beta and Release Candidate releases. The additional fixes in this release from 2.0.0-rc3 are:


  • Fix issue where cookie domain name change can mean you can’t log out #2732
  • Pagination request: Validation doesn’t insert correct value into store #2684
2 years ago