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Beta 2 Release (0.9.6)
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Full Changelog

This is the second beta release of the Stratos UI Console. It contains the following bug fixes and improvements:


  • Add ability to edit a service instance #1324
  • Improve URL validation on setup flow #1320
  • Make search boxes not usable and visually show this while fetching orgs and spaces #1287
  • Make sure the expiry date time is relative to the time as the client sees it #1299
  • Add loading indicators to endpoints and Cloud Foundry dashboards #1325
  • Improve the loading indicators on initial console load #1286
  • Move deploy status and title into the log viewer title bar. #1277
  • Upgrade to Angular 1.6 #1307
  • Enable binding of mysql db service to CF hosted console #1260
  • Add support for a backend healthcheck #1321
  • Allow helm scf-values to be used to deploy the console #1344
  • Add ability to configure UAA settings when deploying UI through helm chart #1315
  • Use custom buildpack to build Stratos UI #1283
  • Migrate container images to opensuse:42.3 base #1293
  • Replace goose with custom database migrator #1334


  • Fix for app wall cf/org/space context not carrying over to deploy-location selector #1273
  • Add a logout button when only the error page is shown #1289
  • Address minor bugs in the deploy application for github #1285
  • Fix incorrect service summary info shown #1306
  • Fix i10n for empty/no app events #1303
  • Staging fails when pushed from Windows #1322
  • Properly kill upgrade echo instance #1311
  • Helm chart: Switch to noShared mode by default to support more setups #1295
  • Kubernetes/GCE: Skip HTTP endpoint when a load balancer is being setup #1305
  • Fix typo in error message of sshHostKeyChecker #1294
  • Fix line endings #1332
2 years ago