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Full Changelog

Third alpha release containing the following bug fixes and minor improvements:

  • Fix a few service instance bugs #1226
  • Fixes issues where trailing slash in CF endpoint causes problems #1224
  • Reuse unbound routes #1223
  • Optionally enable endpoints-dashboard via env var for use in cf push #1221
  • Use stable name for docker registry in CI pipelines #1220
  • Improve documentation #1219
  • Add upgrade documentation for helm repository based installation #1218
  • Update CI piplines for environment #1217
  • Fixed docker image name for all-in-one deployment #1216
  • Persist app wall selection of cf/org/space in local storage #1214
  • Fix ‘remove’ i10n in create space modal #1213
  • Fix terminate instance UI #1211
  • Fix issue where previously selected language was not shown on landing page #1209
  • Add missing defaults to values.yaml #1207
  • Fix localisation in unmap route from apps modal (unmap route from app is fine) #1206
  • Split deploy app wizard service into smaller chunks #1202
  • UX Review: Update landing page (login + setup screens) #1200
  • Remember grid or list state for the app wall #1199
2 years ago