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This pre-release is to test the new command system. The change should normally be transparent but there could be some glitches here and there.

  • Improved: Codemirror: Remove cancelled keys in favour of explicit keymaps (#3417 by @CalebJohn)
  • Improved: Manually refresh codemirror whenever the window size changes (#3388 by @CalebJohn)
  • Improved: Refactored command system
  • Fixed: Fix link color for dark theme (#3391 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Fixed: Fixed custom order when note title is changed (#3412)
  • Fixed: Fixed import of checkboxes in ENEX files (#3402)
  • Fixed: Only de-duplicate imported notebook titles when needed (#2331)
  • Fixed: Prevent code highlighting from freezing the app in some cases (#3281)
  • Fixed: WYSIWYG: Fix undo issue
pre-releaseone month ago