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  • New: Add option to choose Code Mirror as code editor (#3284 by @CalebJohn)
  • New: Translation: Add bahasa indonesia (id_ID.po) (#3246 by @ffadilaputra)
  • Improved: Add support for editable resources (#3305) (#279)
  • Improved: Add support for system keychain to save sensitive settings (#3207) (#2773)
  • Improved: Add way to manually order notes by dragging them (#3235) (#51)
  • Improved: Create new notes with minimum set of properties to prevent a few minor bugs
  • Improved: Dev fix: Only disable editor toolbar in preview mode
  • Improved: Unindent empty list markup on Enter (#2772) (#2614 by Shotaro Yamada)
  • Improved: Upload attachments > 4 MB when using OneDrive (#3195) (#173 by @TheOnlyTrueJonathanHeard)
  • Fixed: Always make the first item selected in Goto Anything (#3181) (#3170 by 叡山电车)
  • Fixed: Attaching an image, then cancelling the resize dialog, would crash the app (#3324)
  • Fixed: Disable editor toolbar when editor is not in focus (#3286)
  • Fixed: Disable middle-clicking external URLs, as they would open inside the application (#3287)
  • Fixed: Fix styling of note title in exported PDF and print (#3227)
  • Fixed: Fixed date popup dialog overflow issue inside info dialog
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with accentuated letters in GotoAnything (#3183) (#3171 by 叡山电车)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with invalid image paths when config path contains spaces (#3267)
  • Fixed: Fixed note list context menu (#3331)
  • Fixed: Fixed portable app issue with resource paths
  • Fixed: Fixed shortcut to focus Note List when editor is in focus (#3298)
  • Fixed: Make GotoAnyting work with East Asian charactors (#3180) (#3153 by 叡山电车)
  • Fixed: Prevent drag and dropping of text in editor as it can lead to data loss (#3302)
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