pypi wagtail 6.0.2

9 days ago
  • Fix: Ensure that modal tabs width are not impacted by side panel opening (LB (Ben) Johnston)
  • Fix: Resolve issue local development of docs when running make livehtml (Sage Abdullah)
  • Fix: Resolve issue with unwanted padding in chooser modal listings (Sage Abdullah)
  • Fix: Ensure get_add_url() is always used to re-render the add button when the listing is refreshed in viewsets (Sage Abdullah)
  • Fix: Move modal-workflow.js script usage to base admin template instead of ad-hoc imports so that choosers work in ModelViewSets (Elhussein Almasri)
  • Fix: Ensure JavaScript for common widgets such as InlinePanel is included by default in ModelViewSet's create and edit views (Sage Abdullah)
  • Fix: Reinstate styles for customizations of extra_footer_actions block in page create/edit templates (LB (Ben) Johnston, Sage Abdullah)
  • Fix: Prevent crash when loading an empty table block in the editor (Sage Abdullah)
  • Docs: Update Sphinx theme to 6.3.0 with a fix for the missing favicon (Sage Abdullah)

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