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7 years ago
  • #44 Added StructuredCOA support. This completes the COA structure.
  • #75 Added support for non-list iterable collections in many add_foo() methods and/or property setters.
  • #90 Fixed Campaign.status bug which raised a TypeError
  • #137 Added STIXPackage.add() method which adds input to the appropriate top-level collection.
  • #164 stix.utils.set_id_namespace() also sets the python-cybox id namespace.
  • #187 Added support for OrganisationName and PersonName in CIQ Identity extension.
  • #189 The ns_dict parameter cannot alter default STIX/CybOX namespace mappings.
  • #192 Added support for Related Campaigns on Indicator
  • #197 Created a TypedList abstraction for non-STIX collection objects.
  • #224 Added support for additional entries in the ns_dict parameter on to_xml()
  • #240 Added support for references field on Vulnerability

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