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7 years ago
  • #10 Partial fix. Improved CDATA handling in bindings and API classes.
    Added stix.utils.cdata() and stix.utils.strip_cdata() methods.
  • #29 Moved duplicated binding code to stix.bindings module
  • #163 Performance enhancements in to_xml() serialization
  • #148 #202 #210 #214 Fixed several issues with extensions.
  • #171 Indicator @negate attribute not exported unless set
  • #173 Versions on core constructs are only output if set by user.
  • #174 Non-core constructs no longer get auto-assigned IDs.
  • #184 Added include_schemalocs parameter to to_xml() for optional
    schemalocation output
  • #199 Improvements to data marking __init__ methods (thanks @benjamin9999!)
  • #201 Added short_description property to stix.core.STIXHeader class
  • #202 Fixed TOU marking schemalocation
  • #209 Removed Python warning that is raised when trying to resolve
    schemalocation for id namespace.
  • #215 Fixed typos in Incident class (thanks @DavidWatersHub!)
  • Added more docs to

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