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8 years ago
  • Controlled Vocabulary (stix.common.vocabs.VocabString) overhaul
  • All default STIX CV's have a corresponding VocabString derivation in stix.common.vocabs
  • Each VocabString implementation performs input validation
  • Each VocabString has static TERM_FOO values for each vocabulary term
  • CV fields can now accept user-defined VocabString implementations
  • Accepted Ubuntu installation documentation from @mgoldsborough, thanks!
  • Pluralized list fields where the naming makes sense
  • Adjusted many CV fields to promote plain strings to default CV type in property setter
  • Added exploit_targets, kill_chains to TTP
  • Added status to Campaign
  • Added motivations and identity to ThreatActor
  • Added kill_chain_phases, related_indicators to Indicator
  • Added FreeTextLine, ContactNumber to CIQ Identity extension
  • Added discovery_methods, security_compromise, information_source, related_incidents, coa_taken to Incident
  • Added profiles to STIXHeader
  • Initial cut at Sphinx documentation

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