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8 years ago
  • Added TTP structure (stix.ttp.TTP)
  • Added COA structure (stix.coa.CourseOfAction)
  • Added Campaign structure (stix.campaign.Campaign)
  • Added Exploit Target structure (stix.exploit_target.ExploitTarget)
  • Fixed bugs in CIQ extension classes
  • Fixed bugs in namespace/schemalocation generation code
  • Added experimental from_json() to base Entity class
  • Added EntityList class for managing lists of STIX constructs in a more-pythonic manner
  • Refactor of GenericRelationship and GenericRelationshipList classes
  • Refactor of imports to reduce the amount of in-line, function scoped imports
  • Added initial support for Snort Test Mechanism extension (stix.extensions.test_mechanism.snort_test_mechanism.SnortTestMechanism)
  • Added initial support for OpenIOC 2010 Test Mechanism (stix.extensions.test_mechanism.openioc_2010_test_mechanism.OpenIOCTestMechanism)
  • Updates to Indicator and Incident classes

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