pypi schemathesis 3.6.0

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2 years ago

🚀 Features

  • 9ac1b75 More GraphQL loaders
  • 36c0c87 Support for data_generation_methods and code_sample_style in all GraphQL loaders
  • 22354a9 ASGI support for GraphQL schemas
  • 0bf11c7 Support for app & base_url arguments for the from_pytest_fixture runner
  • fa0820f from_wsgi loader for GraphQL apps

🐛 Bug fixes

  • d558063 Return type of make_case for GraphQL schemas
  • dbd6720 Silently ignoring some incorrect usages of @schema.given`
  • 90198ec Missing @schema.given implementation for schemas created via the from_pytest_fixture loader

🔧 Chores and Improvements

  • 60ed847 Release 3.6.0
  • 301dfae Fix tox warning
  • 1f69add Deprecate schemathesis.runner.prepare
  • 04f22e8 Initial support for GraphQL schemas in Schemathesis runner
  • a2d9beb Loaders unification
  • 7586416 Improve error handling on from_path incorrect usage
  • ced53fc Validate schema paths in ASGI / WSGI loaders
  • 08ba562 Validate GraphQL loaders in Schemathesis runner
  • a25b91c Fix invalid import
  • 70754a5 Add blank impl for GraphQLSchema.get_stateful_tests
  • 5307af4 Unify test IDs
  • 3355ce9 Use different DB entries for each API operation in CLI
  • d689d77 Update GraphQL loader
  • e69a2ea Do not show overly verbose raw schemas in Hypothesis output for failed GraphQL tests
  • c46d5b8 Generate separate tests for each field for GraphQL schemas

📦 Other

  • 0f50b02 (runner) Move fixups installation out of Schemathesis runner
  • 5b9d757 (runner) Convert Hypothesis configuration options earlier
  • 4652ec5 (test) Schema loading tests
  • 6d77911 (test) Restructure test app
  • beca586 (test) Group tests for code samples generation
  • 2281c04 (test) Remove unused imports
  • c607b1b Remove low-level data generation tests
  • 2c5437e Add Effective API schemas testing to the list of additional content
  • 309001b Move schemathesis.loaders to schemathesis.specs.openapi.loaders
  • ec54781 (test) Reuse fixtures in tests for pytest_subtests integration
  • bf60043 use functioning fixup name in example
  • f293c32 Update GraphQL schema in CONTRIBUTING
  • 86830b1 Add the from_wsgi loader to the public API docs
  • 9010191 Minor corrections

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