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6 months ago

🎉 I am excited to announce the latest release of Schemathesis! 🎉

You can now use custom authentication mechanisms from the requests library, apply authentication conditionally to specific API operations, and even throttle requests via the CLI. As always, we've also squashed a few bugs to improve the overall stability of Schemathesis! Happy testing! 🙌

🚀 Added

  • Schemathesis now supports custom authentication mechanisms from the requests library.
    You can use schemathesis.auth.set_from_requests to set up Schemathesis CLI with any third-party authentication implementation that works with requests. #1700
import schemathesis
from requests_ntlm import HttpNtlmAuth

    HttpNtlmAuth("domain\\username", "password")
  • Ability to apply authentication conditionally to specific API operations using a combination of @schemathesis.auth.apply_to() and @schemathesis.auth.skip_for() decorators.
import schemathesis

# Apply auth only for operations that path starts with `/users/` but not the `POST` method
class MyAuth:
  • Add a convenience mapping-like interface to OperationDefinition including indexing access, the get method, and "in" support.
  • Request throttling via the --rate-limit CLI option. #910

🔧 Changed

  • Unified Schemathesis custom authentication usage via the schema.auth decorator, replacing the previous schema.auth.register and schema.auth.apply methods:
import schemathesis

schema = schemathesis.from_uri("")
# Schema-level auth
# Before: @schema.auth.register()
class MyAuth:

# Test-level auth
# Before: @schema.auth.apply(MyAuth)
def test_api(case):

🐛 Fixed

  • Handling of query parameters and cookies passed to and query parameters passed to case.call_wsgi.
    The user-provided values are now merged with the data generated by Schemathesis, instead of overriding it completely. #1705
  • Parameter definition takes precedence over security schemes with the same name.
  • Unsatisfiable error when explicit header name passed via CLI clashes with the header parameter name. #1699
  • Not using the port keyword argument in schema loaders during API schema loading. #1721

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