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Release 3.17.0

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13 months ago

From this release, you can simultaneously run positive & negative tests via CLI by passing -D all

🚀 Added

  • Support for exception groups in newer Hypothesis versions. #1592
  • A way to generate negative and positive test cases within the same CLI run via -D all.

🐛 Fixed

  • Allow creating APIs in by name when the schema is passed as a file.
  • Properly trim tracebacks on Hypothesis>=6.54.0.
  • Skipping negative tests when they should not be skipped.

🔧 Changed

  • pytest: Generate positive & negative within the same test node.
  • CLI: Warning if there are too many HTTP 403 API responses.
  • Runner: BeforeExecution.data_generation_method and AfterExecution.data_generation_method changed to
    lists of DataGenerationMethod as the same test may contain data coming from different data generation methods.

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