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Release 3.16.2

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14 months ago

More improvements on user experience!

From now Schemathesis will warn you if you specify an invalid API location and all responses are 404

WARNING: All API responses have a 404 status code. Did you specify the proper API location?

🚀 New

  • after_load_schema hook, which is designed for modifying the loaded API schema before running tests. For example, you can use it to add Open API links to your schema via schema.add_link
  • New utf8_bom fixup. It helps to mitigate JSON decoding errors inside the response_schema_conformance check when the payload contains BOM. #1563
  • CLI: Warning if all responses are 404

🐛 Fixed

  • docs: Description of -v or --verbosity option for CLI.

🔧 Changed

  • Execute before_call / after_call hooks inside the call_* methods. It makes them available for the pytest integration.

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