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Release 3.16.1

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14 months ago

A little patch release that improves user experience!

From now Schemathesis will warn you if you forgot to specify proper API credentials

WARNING: Most of the responses from `GET /api/secret/` have a 401 status code. Did you specify proper API credentials?

Also, we're extending SaaS test reports a bit! Schemathesis will send us information about what CLI options you use, so we can provide you with suggestions on how you can do more with CLI! Don't worry, all the data is anonymized and there is no sensitive info.

What's Changed

  • chore: Add SCHEMATHESIS_BASE_URL environment variable for specifying --base-url in CLI
  • chore: Collect anonymized CLI usage data in reports
  • feat: Warning if the API returns too many HTTP 401

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