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Release 3.15.4

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16 months ago

This release makes Schemathesis work on schemas that do not comply with the Open API spec due to YAML specifics (missing quotes around keys that can be parsed as integers, booleans, etc)


  • Support generating data for Open API request payloads with wildcard media types. #1526


  • Mark tests as skipped if there are no explicit examples and --hypothesis-phases=explicit is used. #1323
  • Parse all YAML mapping keys as strings, ignoring the YAML grammar rules. For example, on: true will be parsed as {"on": True} instead of {True: True}. Even though YAML does not restrict keys to strings, in the Open API and JSON Schema context, this restriction is implied because the underlying data model
    comes from JSON.
  • INTERNAL: Improve flexibility of event serialization.
  • INTERNAL: Store request / response history in SerializedCheck.

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