pypi schemathesis 3.11.0

latest releases: 3.19.7, 3.19.6, 3.19.5...
23 months ago

🐛 Bug fixes

  • 0ad3437 Unescaped quotes in generated Python code samples on some schemas
  • 700af30 Generation of invalid headers in some cases
  • 9577f0f (build) Unpinned Python version specifier in the pytest-legacy job
  • b765e8f Pass data_generation_method to GraphQLCase
  • 120cbcf Unresolvable dependency due to incompatible changes in the new hypothesis-jsonschema release

🔧 Chores and Improvements

  • 5a09a03 Release 3.11
  • bd4b9c5 Use case-insensitive dictionary for Case.headers
  • e966976 Bound validators caching during negative testing
  • 94b642d Bump default_language_version for pre-commit
  • b3d0faa Minor changes for integration
  • d31b017 GraphQL schema loaders now accept single DataGenerationMethod instances for the data_generation_methods argument
  • f485bcf Add AfterExecution.verbose_name
  • 94ee105 Update the bug report template
  • 56bc46b Fix typing for BeforeExecution.from_operation
  • 11471d8 Store data_generation_method in BeforeExecution
  • 78dd617 Improve reporting of jsonschema errors which are caused by non-string object keys
  • 7e71b00 Update pre-commit
  • b1fc60e Show cURL code samples by default instead of Python
  • 6987f7b Move data generation method to strategy factory mapping to the module level
  • 8d49a88 DataGenerationMethod.all shortcut to get all possible enum variants.

📦 Other

  • 239315a Generate tests on demand when multiple workers are used during CLI runs
  • b804378 Add a recipe for per-route timeouts
  • eea6e61 Remove MutationResult.is_success and MutationResult.is_failure helpers
  • e8823d8 Cache split_schema results for Open API schemas during negative testing
  • 63f8323 Cache get_full_path for Open API schemas
  • 905a113 Properly cache rewritten_components
  • c34b332 (oas3) Inline only components/schemas before passing schemas to hypothesis-jsonschema
  • 0f4fff6 Use sets during negative testing data generation
  • b39cc91 Fix RST syntax
  • 722ed8a Avoid copy.deepcopy calls in some cases
  • d8bbc71 Dramatically improve CLI startup performance
  • e0403bd Cache rewritten schema components for Open API schemas
  • 1a07106 Avoid extra resolve_all call in some cases
  • ebaa7e8 Avoid calling deepcopy in some cases
  • 3019796 Fix flaky test
  • 5684c82 Remove obsolete hook mention
  • 4ae7f01 Clarify FAQ entry
  • c274ade Add a new FAQ entry
  • c55fde2 Update Docker docs
  • 60cb07e Add missing changelog entry
  • b0d5177 Adjust changelog
  • ec91777 Document CLI options & add a recipe for HTTP(S) proxy
  • 8c50c3b Clarify communication language
  • 583d344 Disable deadline on flaky test
  • 5ce74cc Use poetry<1.1.9

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