pypi schemathesis 2.7.0

latest releases: 3.19.7, 3.19.6, 3.19.5...
2 years ago

🚀 Features

  • 73655be A way to run additional checks when validating response via Case.validate_response
  • e460a0b Stateful testing via Hypothesis's RuleBasedStateMachine

🐛 Bug fixes

  • 220f77c Failure reproduction code missing actually executed values

🔧 Chores and Improvements

  • 83e9c2e Release 2.7.0
  • 9bcc3cd Content-Type header is required for response_schema_conformance and content_type_conformance checks
  • a98a184 Various usability improvements for stateful testing
  • 31ec2aa Export from_asgi loader on the top-level package

📦 Other

  • ffb285e Update stateful testing documentation
  • 8ebe3e5 Update FAQ
  • 21a8d27 Add resources links to the docs
  • f5bcf79 Add tutorial from RedHat AppDev to the additional content list
  • a96b044 Do not include invalid endpoints to the test server by default
  • 8378888 Do not generate known to be valid values for test_validate_header

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