pypi schemathesis 2.6.0

latest releases: 3.19.7, 3.19.6, 3.19.5...
2 years ago

🚀 Features

  • 20277ee Ability to skip deprecated endpoints with --skip-deprecated-endpoints CLI option and skip_deprecated_endpoints=True argument to schema loaders
  • 92c1074 A code snippet to reproduce a failed check when running Python tests
  • d6ec948 New response_headers_conformance check that verifies the presence of all headers defined for a response
  • 731e659 (cassettes) Store more information about executed checks in cassettes
  • cd0f81a (checks) Add custom check for max response time
  • 518faee Support for passing Hypothesis strategies to tests created with schema.parametrize by using schema.given decorator
  • d90bf7f Added rstcheck to pre-commit config
  • bcbbf10 Support PEP561
  • d66336a Shortcut for calling & validation

🐛 Bug fixes

  • a8b9e23 Escaping HTTP response message in VCR cassettes
  • e33d779 (uri) allows specifying port for base_url
  • e4b0f11 Escaping header values in VCR cassettes
  • 239c7d5 Storing check results in cassettes
  • d80402f fix User-Agent header overriding the passed one
  • 512dff4 Status of individual interactions in VCR cassettes
  • edb99f0 Set default User-Agent header in
  • 286ac27 Reusing case strategy if additional Hypothesis strategies are used
  • b09cbce Handle invalid Hypothesis tests during test generation
  • 6a46ba6 GraphQLCase.call_and_validate using wrong defaults (#762)

🔧 Chores and Improvements

  • 6f510c7 Release 2.6.0
  • f28f4d6 Revert changing the default Python version for pre-commit
  • bca2de7 Update project's metadata

📦 Other

  • 2442206 Speed up generation of headers, cookies, and formData parameters when their schemas do not define the type keyword
  • 1691780 Add python 3.9 builds
  • 74457d5 Run more tests with higher number of examples during scheduled runs
  • 32e506f Fix flaky test_replay test
  • 5170357 Minor formatting updates
  • 925a7bb Document loaders usage
  • d556f73 Remove not used pylint: disable comments
  • 974ee01 Add missing type check for consistency with other functions
  • 1afd935 Remove not used type
  • 33e1463 Remove redundant function
  • 0091174 Make as_requests_kwargs and as_werkzeug_kwargs reuse the same code for headers handling.
  • 7847d28 Update documentation for the --max-response-time option
  • 7f9e537 Cleanup documentation
  • 9c04926 Replaced video from FlaskCon with EuroPython
  • edabef6 Add a test for #738 (#761)

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