pypi schemathesis 2.3.0

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3 years ago

🚀 Features

  • ed86737 Possibility to generate values for in: formData parameters that are non-bytes or contain non-bytes (e.g. inside an array)

🐛 Bug fixes

  • 00afdca Generating illegal unicode surrogates in path
  • ac5856a Support for properties named "$ref" in object schemas. Previously, it was causing TypeError
  • 26cb194 AttributeError during generation of "multipart/form-data" parameters that have no "type" defined
  • 952f6bc StopIteration during requestBody processing if it has empty "content" value
  • cceb04c KeyError during processing a schema with nullable parameters and in: body
  • 07e3aab ValueError during sending a request with test payload if the endpoint defines a parameter with type: arrayandin: formData`

🔧 Chores and Improvements

  • 1bf0a2b Release 2.3.0
  • f032444 Avoid using hypothesis-jsonschema private API for registering custom string formats
  • 0a9b99d Error message for cases when a path parameter is in template but is not defined in the parameters list or missing required: true in its definition
  • 6af072a Fix dev dependencies in pyproject.toml
  • 683f1e4 Add norecursedirs config option for pytest to reduce the time for tests collection

📦 Other

  • 151c664 Install dependencies via poetry in tox runs
  • f51a22f Avoid hiding import errors
  • 85dbe00 Disable HealthCheck.too_slow health check in tests for valid form data

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