pypi schemathesis 1.9.0

latest releases: 3.19.7, 3.19.6, 3.19.5...
3 years ago

🚀 Features

  • 402db10 Support for hook usage via LazySchema / from_pytest_fixture`
  • a919c13 Allow register function-level hooks without passing their name as the first argument to apply
  • 41a83e9 pass original case's response to add_case hook
  • 48a8497 support for multiple examples
  • 080dcc5 add CLI option to minimize the verbose schema error

🐛 Bug fixes

  • 7b812e4 Show exception information for test runs on invalid schemas with --validate-schema=false command-line option
  • 8cf428a Crash during generation of loosely-defined headers

🔧 Chores and Improvements

📦 Other

  • 7481605 Update docs on function hook usage
  • fb90ad3 Add tests for some not covered code path

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