pypi schemathesis 1.8.0

latest releases: 3.19.7, 3.19.6, 3.19.5...
3 years ago

🐛 Bug fixes

  • 2cda398 KeyError during creating endpoint strategy if it contains a reference
  • 5e88336 Tests with invalid schemas are marked as failed when hypothesis-jsonschema>=0.16 is installed

🔧 Chores and Improvements

  • 7a55438 Release 1.8.0
  • 3cb0a7b Remove unused code
  • 40818f9 Pass original InvalidSchema text to` call
  • dfa1454 Require hypothesis-jsonschema>=0.16

📦 Other

  • 9f144a0 Add CLI test for defining body in GET requests
  • 6dbc781 Fix typo

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