pypi schemathesis 1.6.0

latest releases: 3.19.7, 3.19.6, 3.19.5...
3 years ago

🚀 Features

  • 7a76304 New after_init_cli_run_handlers hook
  • 1cb1e89 New before_add_examples hook

🐛 Bug fixes

  • fbccd4a Passing workers_num to ThreadPoolRunner

🔧 Chores and Improvements

📦 Other

  • 157a59a Restructure OpenAPI schema classes
  • 764a182 Move OpenAPI-specific filters to a separate module
  • f4a94b0 Move OpenAPI-specifi endpoints implementation to the BaseOpenAPISchema class
  • 80eeed9 Move OpenAPI schema classes into a separate module
  • 29199ff Move logic related to Open API to a separate class
  • 7e6bf6d Rename _get_response_schema to get_response_schema
  • 4b5f24f Move Open API 2/3 specific response checks to a separate module
  • baa6488 Move Open API 2/3 JSON schemas to specs.openapi package
  • 471fde3 Move OpenAPI -> JSON Schema conversion to the specs package
  • eef3d96 Move reference resolving logic to a separate module
  • 129e897 Move security definitions processing to a separate module
  • 4def224 Fix docs for before_load_schema hook

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